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I hope you play these games! You had to use pillows, chairs, rocks, logs, and anything else in your environment to keep you from touching the imaginary lava beneath you. The joys of this childhood game can be relived in Minecraft. First, gather the materials you’ll need to start playing.

Give yourself 10 minutes to prepare. Once the time is up, you have to stay off the ground. Your goal in Colonization is to lay claim to as many islands as possible. Build a structure on each island you find and take over the world. Once one island is claimed, move on to another.

Find a seed that is mostly covered in water. I recommend the seed «The Best Seed» for both Xbox and PC. On the Xbox 360 Edition It doesn’t have a single tree on it, but it has a bunch of small islands. If you’re playing on Xbox I recommend starting the seed in Creative Mode and giving yourself all the materials you’ll need to conquer the world. This Game Changer becomes even more interesting while playing with friends.