Chiller is an Exidy light gun arcade game released in 1986. Exidy successfully marketed it to third world countries. The game consists of a series of screens representing various the game wik and horror movie settings.

Most screens feature helpless NPCs bound or restrained by a variety of medieval torture devices. For each screen, shooting all available targets gives the player a bonus shooting round. The game features a Ghost counter on-screen scoring system named the «Ectoplasmic Tabulator». It has very similar gameplay to «Crossbow» and other related Exidy 440 board system games. Torture Chamber: Player shoots at people restrained in torture devices. Special bonus points for shooting a pillory-guillotine which cuts off a victim’s heads and hands, crushing a victim’s head in a head crusher or unearthing a skeleton walled up in the dungeon.

Rack Room: Similar to the torture chamber, but a larger room containing racks as well as an victim suspended above a river of blood. They may be slowly lowered and fed to a starving alligator while the rack victims may be killed with shooting or activating the rack and ripping the bodies in two. Hallway: A classic haunted house hallway where ghosts travel between doors and a mummy may be shot out of its coffin. A giant severed head also appears at one point, chasing a damsel down the hallway to devour her. Graveyard: An open grave leading to Hell, while zombies rise up out of the grave.

Periodically, a monk with a body cart runs back and forth across the screen. Bonus Round: If every secret item is shot in all four rounds, the players enters a bonus round where they stand on a hill overlooking a haunted mansion, shooting ghostly heads as they fly by. The player may then play the game through a second time for more points. The NES version has a storyline that attempts to soften the implications of the violence by saying all of the enemies are monsters: «Back in the middle ages a castle on the outskirts of town has been invaded by an evil force which is causing the dead to come back to life!