A’s to find out what you have voted your most favorite Minecraft texture packs for minecraft tekkit of 2017. We’ve combined our in-depth knowledge to give you the ultimate list for the year ahead! Sky factory reinvents itself as the new way to play any and all sky block based maps.

It’s packed full of high tech mods, custom automation and a brand new look to the ever so famous Skyblock game style. Players have the opportunity to be spawned directly into the void itself with only their wits and a piece of dirt between what seems like a sure way to die. If you’re not afraid of heights, don’t be afraid to give this a go. The battle for survival is certainly clear in this quest filled, deathdriven, challenging masterpiece. The word Crazy in Crazycraft is by far no understatement in the Modpack universe. Known best for its crazy antics, varying structures, mob and weapons this pack brings a bit of much needed fun into the game by releasing your inner crazy!

What will I get out of this pack? You’ll be witness to mass bizarreness and confusion. But unfortunately it can’t really be explained so its best to play it for yourself. No two people have the same experience. This pack most famously noted for its release in conjunction with the charity, Childsplay. Attack of the B team was introduced to feed a need for players who have always wanted to experiment and become the ultimate mad scientist.

The focus is purely on Weird Science and Witchcraft. You can explore all of your sadistic needs as you sit back and watch your evil minions complete your bidding for you. Despite the misleading title, Test Pack  is a well thought out Minecraft Modpack that is designed to have a more balanced feel above all other packs. This Includes a large and extensive library of mods. It was originally sought after by the Reddit community who had a large involvement in the various tweaks and adjustments that can be noted whilst playing. Voltz is perfect for players that love, explosions, chemical warfare and advanced electricity from Nuclear Fission to wind powered turbines.