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By far the most popular mobs added by this mod are the prehistoric creatures. To create your first prehistoric creature, you must start by acquiring bio-fossils by mining fossil blocks found underground, tar fossils from analyzing , or frozen meat from mining permafrost found deep below ground. All prehistoric creatures except for coelacanth, nautilus, sturgeons, or alligator gars can be tamed. All tamed creatures can take commands, some are ridable, and some will defend you.

Getting these two not to attack each other took ten minutes. To tame a tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, spinosaurus, sarcosuchus, mosasaurus, or liopleurodon you first have to wait until the creature is an adult. When the creature is old enough, you need to bring it down to 8 hp by attacking it. Be sure not to kill the creature, or you will have to repeat the process again later. At 8 hp the creature should lay down and appear to go to sleep.