Mo’Creatures Mod adds over 40 new mobs to your game, it provides many new animal and monster mobs, as well as the ability to tame and ride some. Ents are peaceful creatures that will be immune to any painterly texture pack minecraft of weapons but axes.

They attract nearby small creatures and spawn small plants. Moles are very shy and hide underground from bigger creatures. Mini golems are mobs that spawn at night and throw rocks at the player. Silver Skeletons are aggressive mobs that spawn at night and on dark places. They drop bones or silver swords. They can be tamed by giving them any edible item. Spawn on beaches next to water.

Elephants spawn on Deserts, Jungles, Plains and Forests. Komodo dragons spawn on swamps and plains. They attack small animals or players. Golems spawn at night, and initially consists of only three blocks: the Head, the Core and a valuable ore cube.

When the Golem is near a player, it activates and forms its body. They’re slow and they hide in their shells, except when they don’t have a shell. In that case they’re just slow. Including butterflies, flies, bees, fireflies, dragonflies and crickets. Horses are the first controllable mount in Minecraft. You will need to tame them before you can ride them.

Ostriches spawn in plains and desert biomes. You can find male, females and chicks. The males will fight back if attacked. There are eight different kinds of snakes including a couple of shy snakes that will run away from the player and venomous snakes like corals, cobras, rattle snakes. Mantarays are peaceful creatures, they won’t bother you at all. Stingrays will try to hide at the bottom of the water, they can be found in waters of most biomes except the Ocean and snow biomes.