You need to login to do this. Any time the villain is putting together an Evil Plan, we can always expect it to reach its final stage, no matter what the hero or heroes do to try to minecraft tekkit elevator it. No matter what the hero tries, the forces of villainy will inevitably come within inches of victory, forcing one final showdown with everything at stake.

This is what happens when Finagle’s Law meets the Rule of Drama. You Are Too Late is often involved. Has nothing to do with being unable to beat stage one. Due to the nature of this trope, all examples are likely to be spoilers. FORCE uses this too, but the manga’s cancellation means stage one is all there is. That stage one lasted for four years with no end in sight is often cited as a reason for said cancellation. Similarily in the immediately following Festival arc, Negi lost the entire game and only rectified that through the use of time travel.