Minecraft solid snake skin everything we draw ends up being completed, colored and rendered. JLullaby will be sharing some of his sketches every now and then, here is his first compilation. JL has honestly been an absolute blessing to Shadbase, he works hard and constantly helps me out with new updates. A real professional, couldnt wish for a better secondary artist.

Go let him know on his Twitter that you appreciate him. These pics are not my thing. In the silent hill sketch, I honestly thought the big guy was pyramid head. This is the experience I expect from a horror game.

All the way through with a tongue through the mouth is best all the way through. All of these looked sexy, but I like the Mine Craft one better, especially that blondie with that tight outfit. Jlullaby draws some great looking cocks. You broke Cory’s heart you monster. SH1 has nurses, but they ain’t hot. Do u have posters of yo own?

Damn,JL knows my fetishes, just wish the nurse pics were classic all the way through. Mouth to ass is nice too, though. How the fuck do some people get off to loli? It’s a young child, you can fuck yourself if you say different when they’re small, tiny chested, clearly pre-pubescent kids. What the fuck does this argument even have to do with the post? Same here fuck shadbase honestly, hasnt been anything good on here in a long tome.

It’s just closet pedophiles that don’t want to admit that they are one. I’d be worried about you if you really think a drawing of a loli is pedophilia. Why won’t you take a seat over there? I haven’t been on shadbase for a very long time, but I know that I am not alone when I say their are somethings I regret doing while on here. I don’t blame shadbase whatsoever because it was my choice to do those things and I have learned to live with that.

So I will change little by little so that the things I regret will never happen again. That doesn’t mean I won’t still visit shadbase though. I like jlul’s art but everything they make just feels so samey. Yeah it’d be both a loli and she’d have big tits.

A pedophile is someone who has a sexual attraction to children. A person who is sexually attracted to children. Silent Hill sketch was a nice surprise! Do Enid from OK KO, she THICC. The girl in the suit has a nice big button, hmm just don’t like the Gay stuffs or maybe he doesn’t want to show lesbians things only but both Eh. I wish JL drew normal dicks. Thanks Shad for having this amazing artist on here.