The goal of Modular Bosses is to have fully configurable bosses that are have as many controllable elements as possible set in the config file. The control block allows admins minecraft shade mod create respawning groups of monsters that, when killed, will provide a redstone signal to trigger dungeon doors. The monster spawns, amount spawned and respawn timer are all configured right on the block.

Complete with redstone activation, instant spawn and redstone signal output once all monsters in a group are killed. Certain monsters and objects will exist in Limbo where they can interact with objects and beings on the real world, but the real world cannot interact with them. In order to interact with being or objects in limbo, one must first step on a Phase Fire flame. The players body will enter the space between dimensions and be able to interact with beings and objects in Limbo, for a limeted time. While in Limbo the players vision with be strangely altered, and their bodies will appear ghostly to all others. The dungeon is built out of schematics.