My Youtube Channel — Amigurumi crochet videos and tutorials. Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda : the Wind Minecraft sackboy skin is probably my favorite of the Zelda games. It’s a beautiful game with a great story, good music and a funny, weird, cute and fabulous bunch of characters.

Toon Link is really expressive, cute but not too cute, child like and innocent but not over the top. This pattern has been a long time in the making and I dare say rivals my Bouncer in terms of intricate pieces and annoying details. If I had lots of spare time or was in prison or some such place, I’d go for different coloured Four Swords Links and add more accessories and enemies and of course Zelda, but for now this set is it. Some parts and details are optional and the accessories can be left out if you want to cut corners.

If you tackle it and have questions or notice mistakes, let me know but if you could please use the comments, rather than contact me via email, other people who may experience similar head scratching will see your question and my answer, so it’s win-win. His sword goes in a sleeve on his back. It was so hard to pick an expression. This set was made with a 3. 5mm hook going through both loops unless otherwise noted. The eyes and shield details are felt and all other details are embroidery.

Arms and legs should be wired. The body should be done first, attach legs complete with boots and boot details already done, then slip on vest and attach arms while vest is already on, hiding stitches under the vest. Do not attach head to neck until the vest is secured in place since his head is way too big for the neck hole. Belt should be stitched on very tightly and securely so he doesn’t look like bloated sausage Link.

Use the buckle to hide your stitches. Attach ears to head after hair but before hat. If you want to do a nose, hook into the fabric where you want to put it and surface crochet SC x 2 then finish it off and weave in the tail. SL ST then finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. Use a 3mm hook and Apple Green yarn to SL ST surface crochet all the way around the row where green meets off white to make a nicely edged shirt collar look. Finish off and leave a long tail for sewing.