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Highly recommended by a relatively uncommunicative ten year old. The ten year old read this book. His review is, «It was good but short. A zombie who has troubles at schools and goes on a couple of adventures. How old do you need to be to read it? 4 or 5 to maybe about 11 or 12. Is there any bad language or violence in it?

From what I can remember, no. What did you like most about it? Would you recommend it to your friends? Because I know they like that kind of thing. Ordered this based on rank and positive reviews.

The book was thin when I received it, and when I opened it, I was really disappointed that the pages each had only a couple dozen words. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now. Awesome Book — Funny and Creative, Great for All Ages! There is a reason why this is the number one best seller in Amazon children’s Minecraft books, and I’m here to tell you why!

Obviously the premise of the story is based on the Wimpy Kid series, so you’re basically getting a point-of-view story in diary form. The chapters are broken down into days and are short and easy to read. I’m a retired English teacher with a reverence for Newbery and Caldecott books, so when my 7 yr. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie» series, I was less than excited. Still, I know the connection between autonomy and love of reading, so we gave Book 1 a try.

I bought this for my 9yr old son because I want him to get into reading books and since he loves minecraft I said hey let’s give it a try. I was searching for a book that would keep him entertained and this book delivers that. My son was pleased to receive this book from Santa this year. He loves everything Minecraft, and this didn’t disappoint.

From the moment he saw it was written by Herobrine, he was smitten, and hasn’t put it down. He loves that the zombie talks in a familiar, relatable voice for a child. It made him giggle out loud a few times. He loved the book and we kept talking about Minecraft and zombies for days. We read the whole book in a day.

A perfect catch for any Minecraft fan! My 10 year old has dyslexia and other reading learning disorders. He struggles with finding reading material that keeps his interest. He is a huge fan of Minecraft!

This book grabbed his attention right away. I was shocked that he managed to read the whole book in one day! I hate books, but this one is different. 1st person aspect of it and all of the adventures he goes on. I love the characters from the bullies who are nice to the guardian who flops around and does jumping jacks. I think it’s very interesting how the Mobs are scared of Humans like how Humans are scared of Zombies, and how Mobs want to be dirty and gross. It tells a story about a zombie boy who deals with day to day struggles with parents, friends and school.