8 adds new furniture to the game through commands blocks. No download required, just copy and paste the text to the game! Install the Furniture Mod for 1. The Minecraft download mods Displays mod for 1.

8 lets you build a display up to 144 blocks big that lets you browse the web in game. Download Web Displays Mod for 1. 8: Web Displays mod for 1. The Storage Drawers mod for 1.

8 adds compact drawers that allow you to store your most used items in a convenient location. Download Storage Drawers Mod for 1. 8: Storage Drawers mod for 1. 8 Storage Drawers mod for 1.

The Exotic Birds mod for 1. 8 adds 10 new birds and a variety of new items. It adds birds like peacocks, parrots and hummingbirds and more. List of Birds: Cassowary Hummingbird Kingfisher Magpie Parrot Peafowl Roadrunner Swan Toucan Woodpecker Items: Bird Meat: Dropped by all birds. Book of Birds: Includes information and pictures about all the birds this mod adds. This update has brought a ton of new apps.

The Mountain and Floating Island Generator uses one command block command to generate massive, natural looking structures. This one command is 31,511 lines long. To use, copy and paste the command from here: and use it with a command block to generate a mountain or floating island. 8 adds 4 Minions and a golden retriever to the game. These minions have different behaviors and can follow you, carry things for you, and more. This mod adds spawn eggs for each of the 5 mobs You can toggle AI modes for the minions by right-clicking the Minion mob while holding a stick.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Best Minecraft Mods Download the best Minecraft 1. 13 Mods for Minecraft, all with updated download links, we are always looking out for new updates to minecraft, Download all for Minecraft. Any Minecraft lovers must wish to have some modifications toward their gameplay. They may feel bored with the original content of the game.

Ancient Warfare 2 Mod for Minecraft 1. Grim Pack Mod for Minecraft 1. Multi Mine Mod for Minecraft 1. Simple Quarry Mod for Minecraft 1. Pokécube Revival Mod has been recently added into the world of minecraft and you can always tell that it hasn’t disappointed in any way. In case you were once a huge fan of the popular pokecube mod, there is no doubt that you will love what this one has got to offer.

Spectrite Mod brings in something rare as well as extremely powerful into the world of minecraft. Just from its name you can easily tell what it has been developed to add to the game of minecraft which is spectrite. In case you haven’t heard of this resource before, it is very powerful when put to use in your world. Clarity Mod is one of the simplest mods that you will ever come across in the world of minecraft.

The best part is that once you start using it in your world, you will only be asking more of what it has got to offer as its functionality is not something that is common. Factory Tech Mod for Minecraft 1. Factory Tech Mod is a wonderful tool which you will actually have fun making use of in your world as you go on. Of course there are minecraft players that have made use of various tech mods in the past.

Forge Your World Mod for Minecraft 1. Forge Your World mod is one of the few mods that will enable players look into what they have around them. SGS Metals Mod for Minecraft 1. SGS Metals Mod is a mod that has got lots of potentials to contribute positively to the worlds of minecraft players who make use of it in the course of their respective adventures. Are you in search of a mod that is primarily based on metals? Ecology Mod is one of those mods that make minecraft players become responsible for the various activities that they embark on or undertake in their respective worlds.

This is one mod that will definitely bring some forms of realism into your world as you go on. Scavenge is a mod that when first considered by minecraft players, wouldn’t want to be given some real attention. Such could be due to the fact that they haven’t really understood what it can do for them in their respective worlds. It is an important mod that every minecraft player should really be in possession of in their worlds.