Captain Sparklez thanks FOR THIS AWESOME SONG! Thanks captain sparklez this song is epic! I’m wondering why this wasn’t on the list until now, it’s the original, influenced all Minecraft Songs after them, and is extremely catchy! Minecraft diamonds song DICK RETRACTED INTO MY BODY!

4 The Fallen Kingdom This is the inspiration to continue making Minecraft songs, being below «I Found a Diamond» is a goddamned disgrace. How the hell is this below All I Do is Dig? 5 Take Back the Night Love this song! Should be in the top 10! Just get this song in the top 10! Take back the night is really great and has an awesome story behind it.

It’s a sequel, but I bet you it will still be amazing even if it stands alone. It is very original, and I want the sensei villager and zombie pigman boss to be in the game. Dude, there’s nothing you can get that improves on this. I love this song becuase it’s so catchy and becuase it’s by one of my favorite youtubers! I also like revenge a lot, I found diamond takes the win! And I’ve been mining all day, looking for that blue rock in the caves, and when I’m just about crying, I FOUND A DIAMOND! Now I’m going all the way, I can build a sword, axe, or a spade, you know I thought I’d never find one, I FOUND A DIAMOND!