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1 Respect the Nature The coloring sheets with pretty leaves upon them are not only a fun way of time spending but also an excellent educative piece of equipment. The kids can get acquainted with various trees and their leaves together with the characteristic features. Take the pencils and pick the season and the color that is more appropriate for it and start working. 2 Enjoy Spring When the spring is in its peal all the buds on the trees transform into the leaves and cover the naked trees into stylish attires. The kids like looking at the trees which are dressed in green and this leaf is in excellent opportunity to put the creativity of a child into practice.

Ask him or her to create a personally designed leaf as a present to loving parents. 3 See the Variety There is a vast variety of leaf patterns which are available for the kids to color. Each of them has one thing in common: they are very easy to work with. One might think that leaves are for aesthetic purpose only but, in fact, it can be very useful to teach the kids how to discern various types of leaves and figure out to which trees they belong. 4 The Universal Art Leaves can be called the hair of the trees. They grow on the bodies of the trees and perform various useful functions.

Each leaf is a unique creation that can boast with a fine texture that won’t be seen anywhere else like in a snowflake. The nature is a marvelous artist that is capable of creating unique masterpieces and a child can get a few lessons from it. 5 Thick Lined Leaf The leaves are parts of the trees which grow on the branches. There is a wide variety of both shapes and sizes. One of them are tiny and adorable while others are incredibly large.