Biomes Biomes are regions of the world with a particular kind of ecosystem, such as deserts, forests or oceans. Different biomes have different landscapes, plants and animals. Main Biome Types Minecraft biomes are the main biomes you will find.

Plains are mostly flat, grassy areas. These biomes are good places to find horses and villages. Most types of animals can be found here. This is a variation on plains with yellowish grass and Acacia Trees. As with plains, horses and NPC villages can be found here.

Although this biome looks like African landscapes, the animals are horses, sheep, cows and pigs, rather than the giraffes and zebras you might expect. A Forest biome has a mixture of Oak and Birch trees. Here you will find wolves, and occasionally mushrooms. This is a forest variant with only birch trees. This is a dense, dark forest featuring a special type of oak tree with a fat trunk. You will also find giant mushrooms here. It’s dark enough under the trees for mobs to spawn even in the day, so be careful!