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Hosting a Minecraft birthday party does not need to cost a ton of money. If you are willing to spend some time on preparation and a little elbow grease. Seriously, you could easily have an epic party with these Minecraft party ideas while keeping your budget intact. This is the best Minecraft birthday party I have seen and all of the Minecraft party ideas are completely doable without spending a small fortune. She includes Minecraft party printables and has great ideas for Minecraft party decorations, games, and more! If you are feeling kind of clueless because your children are rattling on about how they love Minecraft and want a Minecraft birthday party but you can’t tell a creeper from an enderman and wouldn’t be able to find the Nether if your life depended on it, have no fear!

These Minecraft birthday party ideas helped create an amazing party for my son and I am sharing everything I found and created with you. Steve travels into these different environments through portals. To mimic the Minecraft game, we created three distinct party areas with portals in between. Check out these Minecraft party decorations! The main Minecraft party area was considered the Overworld. Since the Overworld is where Steve builds his shelter and gathers food, the majority of our party was in this area including the refreshments. Among those mobs are giant spiders.

To create a spider, all you need is black crepe streamers and black balloons. If you want to add two red eyes to your spider face you can, but I stuck with the basics and attached it to the wall using clear packing tape. Portals were made from black crepe streamers cut and taped to purple crepe streamers. I also think a purple shimmer curtain would be an awesome portal but I was trying to save a little money. Since the bathroom was in this part of the house, I made sure to add a few Minecraft plush toys as decoration, such as an Ender Dragon and Enderman near the bathroom sink. Minecraft Goody Bags The party cups and goody bags for our Minecraft party were also a DIY project.

Creeper cups and Minecraft goody bags! Then, I used a damp sponge and black paint to gently dab a creeper face on green paper bags and green paper cups. The Minecraft goody bags were used during the party games for collecting gems and candy. In Minecraft, Steve is able to toss ender pearls and be transported to where the ender pearl lands.

Plus, he is always trying to collect precious materials and gems to create weapons, for trading, and more. Each child took a turn tossing one ender pearl at the pile of gems. The child with the ender pearl closest to the pile won the gems. I purchased green tissue paper and styrofoam balls, covering each ball with the tissue and securing with clear packaging tape.

The gemstones are available in bulk at Amazon. He must shoot arrows at the ghasts in order to kill them. Since real arrows where out of the question, I created a ghast pinata using a packing box, white copy paper, and printable of the ghast face. To create the ghast pinata, I poked a hole through the top of the box to install a wire coat hanger twisted into a hook. Then, I filled the box with candy: Hershey nuggets to represent gold, wrapped gumballs in various colors to represent the other gems, and miscellaneous other candy. Instead of using paper mache to cover the Minecraft pinata, I simply taped the copy paper on the box.