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Cake is one type of food that can be crafted and eaten in the game of Minecraft. Gather 3 milks, 1 egg, 2 sugars, and 3 wheat bundles. Place ingredients on the crafting grid. Drag the cake to the inventory.

Sorry that the video wasn’t helpful. Image titled Make a Cake in Minecraft Recipe. To get milk, right click on a cow while your character is holding a bucket. These are laid by chickens, which can be found in the wilderness.

You can also keep chickens if you capture them inside a fence. Sugar is made from sugarcane and can only be eaten when used as an ingredient in a recipe. This acts as «flour» for the cake. Wheat can be farmed or it can be found in dungeon chests. Place the ingredients into the crafting grid. Place one sugar to the left of the center slot, and one to the right.