Malisis Doors Mod for Minecraft 1. When it comes to mods, there is one aspect of Minecraft which often gets overlooked. It’s so commonly used that this is actually kind of double iron doors minecraft. The object is, of course, the door.

Well, the Malisis Doors mod adds a number of new doors to Minecraft. The Malisis Doors mod doesn’t just add doors to Minecraft either. It features other furniture items, like curtains, which work in a similar fashion to doors by opening or closing when right clicked. But a curtain certainly isn’t a door, right?

Jail cells are like doors made from iron bars and they too slide into the adjacent wall when operated. Perhaps the coolest door in the Malisis Doors mod is the huge one that takes up more than just two blocks going vertically. The door is tall enough to neatly decorate large holes in walls, making for a great main entrance door or just useful for any point where you really want to call attention to a specific set of doors. Likewise, the automated garage door is also very large and takes up much more space than a standard door. Fixed item sometimes not dropping when breaking doors. Fixed typo in registry name for Birch Fence Gate which prevented vanilla ones from animating.

Improved performances when lots of doors and trapdoors were used in world. Dawnbreaker Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. Cubic Villager Mod for Minecraft 1. Everlasting Abilities Mod for Minecraft 1. Blood Arsenal Mod for Minecraft 1. Logical Drops Mod for Minecraft 1. Historicized Medicine Mod for Minecraft 1.

Vending Block Mod for Minecraft 1. Fairy Lights Mod for Minecraft 1. Dungeon Mobs Reborn Mod for Minecraft 1. 9 version is on the file selector. After like 10 minutes, the game lags forcing me to exit the game. I had to sacrifice playing my other worlds since they use malicious door blocks.

Right when I finally got a working Buildcraft, I decide that I need better doors for my buildings. Ugh, modding can really be a pain sometimes. Java 7 is no longer availble. You have entered an incorrect email address! Beyond The Lands Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.

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